Heart Ripped

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ElementsI feel and see so much.
Our world has been saturated with violence deception and control. I stand with the earth animals and people to be healthy, free, and connected. I appreciate deeply the truthful and compassionate expressions people are sharing in this time of tragedy. I feel them deeply. My heart cries with the people who have lost loved ones. I cry with the people who don’t feel safe. I offer love to everyone.
Where I sit in the earth I am angry. I am so tired of the religious/spiritual discrimination in this country. Are we free or not? Do the “leaders” of this country really value freedom? Why do people think they can dictate other people’s love life? Dictate how they live? It’s harassment. It’s insane. If citizens are free, and some people are denied certain freedoms, are we still citizens?
I am tired of smug dismissive energy. “That’s life Sweetie.” I know that’s what people do, I’m not an idiot. But this behavior is not “life.” The universe is life. Infinite options.
This country is sitting on top of where I was born. It may claim me but I don’t claim it. I’m with the Earth. I feel the stars in my bones. I’m horrified by the standardized aggression. I refuse to settle for a little freedom. I refuse to go along with the lie. I feel very sad for people with a prominently narrow understanding of love and freedom. I feel compassion for people perpetuating discrimination because it really must suck to hate people for flawed reasons they didn’t even invent. It’s small and heavy. It has to suck and I applaud anyone who can let go of it.
I will continue to dig deep and connect. I’m tired of pretending and being silent. I hear and see the Earth, Animals, and people. I feel energy intensely. I have since I was little. According to the standards of psychotherapy I am crazy. I don’t want to take drugs, be normal or stop feeling. I tried it, it wasn’t life. I realized feeling is a gift even when its difficult. Its connection. Its vital information.
The Earth is at a negative saturation point of violence, ignorance, and hatred. I don’t understand how we call this country free, when we are shaped by fear and control. How are we free if we are so used to dishonesty from our government leaders? How are we free when the majority of our resources go to war? How are we free when companies can poison or own our water? I look around and I don’t see freedom I see suicidal.
What is free grows and evolves. Freedom shares and connects. It respects life. Humans can make a meaningful change or face increasing tragedies. It’s not too late, fatalism is not necessary, just pay attention to the momentum that has built. The love and vulnerability we experience in this time can make the difference. Look inside and separate the institutional lies from life. Humans reaching out to humans with compassion. Seeing and respecting each other. No one has the right to dictate over or harm another person. Some people think it’s ok because they were forced to live that way. Compassion helps.
Thank you for listening.
A big gratitude to the many earthlings making the change.

Jenn “Land Dolphin” Pipp

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