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Artist Statement

I see everything as consciousness and sacred. I make videos and new media art. I use the tools that are available and let it be a process of discovery. The ability to instantly create, destroy and transform sound and image inspires me. These processes relate to my ceremonial practices. Looping, repetition, and multiples are used to create a hypnotic atmosphere. Digital noise is a metaphor for chaos and transformation. Fragmentation expresses a lack of alignment. Common or abstract images and sounds that have neutral meanings allow for reflection. Each media-element I make  is complete to itself and compatible with other elements. The work will continually evolve as a collection of media assets for installation, theater, performance, and internet art.


Jenn Pipp received a BFA from School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University in 2001.  She has been making art and providing tech support for art programs ever since. She has shown work at Mobius, the Brattle Theater and AS220 among other spaces.  In 2009 Jenn began training in a number of spiritual modalities. The ceremonial work resonated and informed her artistic practice. Starting in 2010 Jenn did intensive Shamanic Training through the Four Winds Society. During that time she started performing personal and community ceremonies. The ceremonial forms and symbols originated from the Andean cosmology she learned in training. As Jenn practiced the form she incorporated the symbols and tools of the modern American landscape. Currently she is studying the intersection of media and spirituality in the Film and  Media Art MFA Program at Emerson College.


Fertile ground for media ceremony


Symbol Meaning Library

This library of symbols takes a creative approach to definitions of symbols aligned with a more open, playful and positive view of the universe.  Your outlook influences your energy.


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