Large Scale Projection: Conceptual Art Installation

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I put up the poster 2/14/18 before the 2pm class rush on the Ansin 5th floor poster board. No one noticed the poster or seemed to look at the poster board at all. As I was sitting and watching I wondered about if more would help to draw attention and so I created another poster.

The addition did not make a change in engagement. I watched the space for awhile including at the 5:45 class end period and I did not observe anyone looking at them. I do read the posters sometimes. Walking through campus seeing the same posters creates a collective impact. With heightened awareness I noticed something in the elevator that inspired me. A hand print reminded me of Cave Art. I decided to work with it.

I started with one and Named it untitled, People did not seem to notice it. I rode up and down in the elevator for awhile and then had to go. I decided to recut, rename and  label both to make it less subtle.

It still seemed to be not seen.


I ran into Jenny Mae riding the elevator and she and a professor from WLP engaged came to see the elevator piece and with her encouragement I temporarily posted the posters on 1-12 of Ansin. I ran into a student named Bobby in the Darkroom when I was recutting my labels (I misspelled elevator, elavator). He said he saw it and thought it was enjoyable. He thought it meant that everything was art. He said he was more likely to engage with it because nobody was in the elevator.It was 8pm when I left Ansin. I decided to leave them up overnight. They were gone at 9:15am the next day.


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