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Sacred Sites

Ceremonial space inside the internet.

Artist Statement: I see everything as consciousness and sacred. I make videos and new media art. I use the tools that are available and let it be a process of discovery. The ability to instantly create, destroy and process sound and image with digital tools is exhilarating. These processes also relate to ceremonial processes I practice. For example digital noise or quality loss can be a metaphor for chaos or transformation. Sacred Sites (2017) directly places a ceremonial process inside the internet. The hyperlink connections were built to create patterns mirroring ceremonial processes.The experience starts macOS Desktop and  extyends into three sites, jennpipp.com, centerofinfinity.com and thegreatbigweb.com.  By exploring the idea of the internet as space, in particular sacred space, it raises the questions where does the internet exist and what is possible within it? The path through the sites is not explicit giving the participant space to figure out how to proceed. The hyperlink structure of Four Mirrors the opening of the sacred directions, in this case x and y space. The hyperlink structure of Eight has a looping structure replicates the process of circling a fire. The hyperlink structure of Sixteen is based off of a layered prayer bundle everything where connects to everything. The form eventually breaks out of the frame in thegreatbigweb.com as it enters the final stages of the experience.

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